XRM2005 (The 8th International Conference on X-ray Microscopy)
26(Tue) - 30(Sat), July 2005 at Egret Himeji, Japan

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2. Logo

Message from the logo designer

LOGOTYPE is usually designed as a simple mark of the event, but I consider that LOGOTYPE should be an icon that properly indicates the characteristics of the event. From this point of view, I have designed the LOGOTYPE of XRM for the purpose of representing the unity of all the participants as well as the atmosphere and culture of Japan where the XRM05 will be held. Here, I would like to describe the concept of design.

The letters "XRM" in the LOGOTYPE is written with a traditional Japanese font in Edo era, "Yosemoji", which was used at theater as a symbol of full house. Wishing success of the show, the manager of theater and artists used to use Yosemoji type in banners, posters and programs. Here, the Yosemoji type is used as a symbolic design for success of the XRM.

The XRM can be regarded as a festa in our X-ray microscopy society, which is held every three years. An ellipse in indigo blue surrounding the letter XRM comes from traditional Japanese wear (Happi jacket). The Happi jacket that is used in the festival of Japanese temples is usually dyed indigo blue (traditional color in Japan), and a circular emblem is printed on the Happi jacket to identify the party which the owner belongs to. Therefore, by surrounding the alphabet letters "XRM"  designed in Asian taste with the indigo blue ellipse, the LOGOTYPE represents the XRM which is a global conference in our society, including Asia, Europe, and America.

It is an honorable work to design the LOGOTYPE of XRM. I would like to express much appreciation to Prof. Aoki for designating me a designer of the LOGOTYPE and BANNER.

 Wishing for success of the XRM2005,

 Takuji Ohigashi, PhD.