XRM2005 (The 8th International Conference on X-ray Microscopy)
26(Tue) - 30(Sat), July 2005 at Egret Himeji, Japan

Poster session(III)        28 Thursday 14:00 - 16:00

Ref. Title   Authors
P113 Trace Element Micro-Analysis by Transmission X-ray Microtomography using Absorption Edges   K. Okuno, T. Ohigashi, S. Kamiyama, S. Hirai, J. Matsubara, N. Watanabe, S. Aoki
P114 Development of high speed microtomography system with high definition detector   K. Uesugi, T. Sera, N. Yagi, Y. Suzuki
P115 High-Resolution X-Ray Imaging Microtomography with Fresnel Zone Plate Optics at SPring-8   A. Takeuchi, K. Uesugi, Y. Suzuki, S. Tamura, N. Kamijo
P116 CT reconstruction by diffraction correction in soft X-ray projection microscopy   T. Shiina, K. Hotta, Y. Tsuge, T. Honda, H. Yoshimura, Y. Kinjo, A. Ito
P117 Depth of Field Techniques for 3-Dimensional Imaging   A. E. Sakdinawat, M. A. LeGros, W. Chao, E. H. Anderson, P. Fischer, D. Attwood
P118 X-ray Fluorescence Scanning Microscope and Micro-Tomography with a Zone Plate   N. Watanabe, M. Sato, M. Hoshino, Y. Takeda, S. Aoki, A. Takeuchi, Y. Suzuki
P119 Preliminary Results of Hard X-ray Phase-contrast Imaging   S. Jiang, Y. Chen, L. Chen, L. Wan, F. Xu
P120 Refractive Contrast in X-ray Diffraction Enhanced Imaging   X. Jiang, L. Gang,  Z. Chen, J. Tang
P121 Contrast Enhance Imaging with Micro-focus X-ray Generator and CCD   K. Torii, H. Tsunemi
P122 Recent development on X-ray phase contrast imaging in China   J. Chen, H. Gao, H. Zhu, H. Gan, R. Li, Z. Xu
P123 Effect of Fresnel Illumination on Oversampling Iteration Method   Y. Kohmura, Y. Nishino, T. Ishikawa
P124 Digital Phase Difference Amplification in X-ray Interferometer   H. Gao, J. Chen, H. Zhu, H. Gan, R. Li, Z. Xu
P125 Development of an apparatus for speckle image observations near the X-ray diffraction spots using focusing beam.   T. Suzuki, H. Takano, A. Takeuchi, K. Uesugi, S. Shin, Y. Suzuki
P126 Study of Matrix Effect with a Full-Field Imaging X-ray Fluorescence Microscope   T. Ohigashi, M. Hoshino, Y. Takeda, N. Yamada, T. Namiki, T. Ishino, N. Watanabe, S. Aoki
P127 Integrated Image Projection and Detector Array for Real-time Quantitative Synchrotron XRF Elemental Imaging using the X-ray Microprobe   C. G. Ryan, D. P. Siddons, P. A. Dunn, B. E. Etschmann, S. Vogt, J. Maser, C. L. Harland
P128 Reproduction of Hologram Image Using A Zone Plate for Hard X-ray Radiation   A. V. Kuyumchyan, A. Y. Souvorov, T. Ishikawa, A. A. Isoyan, V. V. Aristov, K. Trouni, E. Sarkisian
P129 X-ray waveguide optics for x-ray in-line holo-microscopy   C. Fuhse, C. Ollinger , A. Jarre, T. Salditt 
P130 Phase Imaging with X-ray Talbot Interferometer Using Gratings Fabricated with LIGA Process   W. Yashiro, A. Momose, Y. Suzuki, T. Hattori
P131 Biomedical phase imaging using a grating interferometer   C. David, T. Weitkamp, T. Khan, F. Pfeiffer, O. Bunk, A. Diaz, T. Rohbeck, A. Groso, M. Stampanoni
P132 Extreme Ultraviolet Phase Contrast Imaging    G. Denbeaux, A. Barty, Y. Liu, R. Garg, O. Wood
P133 Development of a Large Angle X-ray Spreading Element for Projection X-ray Microscopy with undulator Light Source   M. Awaji
P134 Submicron-Resolution X-ray Topography Using Fresnel-Zone-Plate Magnification   R. Tanuma, T. Kubo, A. Saito
P135 Crystallinity Estimation of Strained-Si Wafers by Using Highly Parallel X-Ray Microbeam   Y. Tsusaka, K. Fukuda, N. Tomita, K. Hayashi, Y. Kagoshima, J. Matsui, A. Ogura
P136 High Resolution X-Ray Inspection Microscope equipped with a Field Emission Gun and its Application   Y. Saito, H. Kai, K. Shirota, K. Yada
P137 XFH study of dilute system using cooled APD   K. Hayashi, Y. Takahashi, E. Matsubara, I. Yonenaga, S. Kishimo
P138 Spectroscopic Photoemission and Low Energy Electron Microscope (SPELEEM) at MAX-Lab   A. A. Zakharov, R. Nyholm, U. Johansson, J. Andersen, A. Mikkelsen
P139 Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy with Momentum Analyzer   Y. Suzuki, A. Takeuchi, H. Takano
P140 Scanning μ-x ray excited luminescence in semiconductors   G. Martinez-Criado, B. Alen, A. Homs, A. Somogyi, C. Miskys, J. Susini, R. Tucoulou
P141 Evaluation of Hard X-Ray Con-Focal Optics   H. Takano, Y. Suzuki, K. Uesugi, A. Takeuchi
P142 Towards table-top time-resolved soft x-ray microscopy imaging with a laboratory high-harmonic source at 100 eV   M. Wieland, T. Wilhein, C. Spielmann, U.  Kleineberg, T. Westerwalbesloh, U. Heinzmann
P143 Hard X-ray Interference Microscope with Two Zone Plates   N. Watanabe, M. Hoshino, M. Sato, Y.   Takeda, T. Namiki, S. Aoki, A. Takeuchi,   Y. Suzuki
P144 Reflection Mode Imaging with High Resolution X-ray Microscopy   G. Denbeaux, P. Fischer, F. Salmassi
P145 Projection-type micro X-ray fluorescence and diffraction imaging   K. Sakurai
P146 Nanometer Focusing using Diffractive X-ray Optics   J. Maser, S. Vogt, B. Stephenson, A. Macrander
P147 The focusing limits of Fresnel Zone Plate x-ray optics   F. Pfeiffer, C. Bergemann, J. F. van der Veen
P148 Hard x-ray micro focusing with a single bounce multilayer optic   F. Pfeiffer, H. Keymeulen, A. Diaz, C. David, XenocsMember1, XenocsMember2, P. Høghøj 
P149 Improving spatial resolution of x-ray microscopy using direct demodulation method.   G. Li, Z. Y. Wu, M. Ando, D.C. Xian
P150 Design and Performance of Multilayer Coating on the Blazed Grating in 25 - 80 nm Region   K. Saito, Y. Kondo, H. Takenaka, J. Azuma, K. Takahashi, M. Kamada
P151 Synchrotron infrared microspectroscopic imaging of biological sample   Y. C. Lee, C. I. Chen
P152 High Sensitivity Chemically Amplified Resist for EUV Lithography   T. Watanabe, H. Kinoshita, H. Hada, H. Komano