A hardbound book of  proceedings will be published as a conference proceeding series of Institute of Pure and Applied Physics, Japan (IPAP) about eight months after the conference. 

1.  Submission fee

Proceedings book and submission fee for one paper are included in the conference fee. Although the participants can submit two or more papers, additional fee, 20,000 JPY/paper, is charged.
The additional charge is also required for color page, the optional price for color page is 52,500 JPY/page.

Please pay additional fees by a credit card.
Download credit card form for additional paper(s) and/or for color page(s).
Complete the form, print it out and send it by fax to:
XRM2005 Conference Secretariat (FAX: +81-791-58-0988).

2.  Length of paper

Contributed papers should not exceed 3 pages of the Journal. Invited papers are limited to 4 pages. Style of the proceedings will be the same as that of Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (JJAP).

Conference proceedings series of IPAP:

3.  Paper preparation

Papers should be prepared in both PDF files and paper manuscripts. Instructions for the preparation of the manuscripts are available in the IPAP_template (word file).

- IPAP_template (word file): Download the file and use it for your preparations (download: IPAP_template.doc). You can find the detailed instructions in the text.

- Those who do not use Microsoft Word should prepare their manuscript referring the instructions described in the same template (download: IPAP_template.pdf).

- Application form for publication (download: IPAP_CS_Appl.pdf).

Convert your manuscript file (doc file) into a PDF file. No other file except PDF is acceptable. You should use "Acrobat Distiller" to make proper PDF files. We strongly recommend to avoid using Acrobat PDF writer. You may use other methods if you are sure that PDF file is properly created by the methods.

Manuscripts used for printing are not paper manuscripts but PDF files. We will just check by paper manuscripts if your PDF file is not apparently garbled. If your manuscript needs to be modified in the proofreading process, the manuscript must be corrected and send the corrected PDF file. Therefore, please make sure there is no error in converting your doc file to PDF file.

4.  Submission of proceedings

Please send your complete manuscripts (both PDF file and paper manuscript) and application form to the following address:
*Submit paper manuscript and application form to
XRM2005 Secretariat,
SPring-8 Mikazuki, Hyogo, 679-5198
*Submit PDF file via electronic mail to
Registration desk in the conference will accept the manuscripts also.

If you require any further information concerning the preparation of your manuscript, please contact Yasushi Kagoshima (chair of the publication committee) at

5. Deadlines

Submission of manuscript for the proceedings: 28 July 2005 

(during the conference)

6. Online reprints

We take the policy that reprints will not be printed. Instead, you can freely download PDF files from IPAP Home page. The URL of IPAP Home page will be given after the publication of proceedings.